Multi Use games area is being used regularly by various groups, more bookings can be accommodated, please contact the clerk for details.
3g pitch £10 per hour
Tennis or basketball courts can be booked @ £5

floodlights £5 per booking max 2hours

You can book for longer than 2 hours but a further lighting fee would be added.

This young lady and her mum have done a great job litter picking

 Young lady with litter picker standing near bin

Volunteer litter picker at the Allan Barker field. Photo by Melanie Jones

Amber Jones and her Mum Melanie have made a game out of litter picking in the local areas, treating as a treasure hunt; Coningsby Town Council and all the people who use the site wish to say a massive thank you!

Quote from Amber aged four,  "these people need smacked bottoms" Mum Melanie Jones tends to agree telling me that they started litter picking at the beginning of lockdown and found the results satisfying, she hopes that other parents will follow suit and teach their youngsters the right way to dispose of rubbish.

This young lady deserves a big thank you for showing us the way, shame on all those who continue to litter our streets and parks.

Positive energy has come from this event we have had two more volunteers enlisting their help to litter pick for the village and surrounding areas, please contact me at the Council office for equipment if you would like to help.

Finally, on seeing the Allan Barker sign is broken, the Stanley Barker Trustees have applied to purchase a new sign for the site.