January 2023

Coningsby Council Meeting

January 26th 2023


In attendance –Cllr Bowen in the Chair, Councillors Dick Johnson, Paddy Donnellan, Tabbi Bannister, Marlene Wilson, Colin Mair, Mary Walker, Chris Waites and Glyn Olive.

East Lindsey DC Martin Foster

Public Forum – 4 members of public attended – following an email to Council regarding safety crossing Old Boston Road, resident attended to request a pedestrian crossing on this road, the numbers of traffic at peak times for RAF Coningsby clashes with waking to and from schools; Clerk replied that an email had been sent to Lincolnshire Highways requesting a survey of this road for the possibility of a crossing being installed. Supported by Councillors.

0123. 74               Welcome from Chairman, Cllr Bowen is looking forward to the busy months ahead working with the Council on community projects.

0123- 75               Apologies received from District Cllr Stan Avison – Councillor Ruth Sharples with reasons – approved RESOLVED unanimously.

0123 -76               Declarations of interest recorded from Cllrs Walker, Olive & Johnson as members of the Community Hall committee agenda item 6 – could be a conflict of interest.

0123 -77               Notes previously circulated from November 24th meeting – Proposed by Councillor Walker that the notes are a true and correct record of that meeting; Seconded by Councillor Johnson all voted in favour RESOLVED. Notes signed and dated by Chairman.

Councillor Waites apologised he was not well and left the meeting.

0123 – 78             East Lindsey District Councillor Martin Foster reported that the New Hub was now open – postal address The Hub, Mareham Road Horncastle, LN9 6PH phone number remains the 01507 601111 – any mail posted to the Manby address will be redirected for at least 2 months.

0123 – 79             Council have received correspondence from the potential purchasers of the Jacdor property and land – regarding access from Silver Street down the side of the Community Hall, before this can be discussed or and decided by all parties (Hall management Committee & Council as Custodian Trustees ) legal documents need to be carefully inspected for any historic clauses; only then can the case for or against be discussed and or negotiations take place. Proposal Councillor Marlene Wilson for the Clerk to investigate and request a copy of the Hall deeds from solicitors along with any existing lease documents, seconded Councillor Paddy Donnellan, all able to vote voted in favour RESOLVED.  Councillor Glyn Olive requested the Clerk make the buyers solicitor aware of the decision to investigate.

0123 – 80             Finances – to approve retrospective payments and income for December 2022, Cllr M Walker Proposed , seconded Cllr P Donnellan – all voted in favour RESOLVED.

                                To approve payments and income for January 2023,  Cllr Wilson requested clarification on the PA1 & PA6 training,( Pesticide spraying )Cllr Johnson Proposed, seconded Cllr Walker – all voted in favour RESOLVED


  Total income £1,402 over the two months.


0123 – 81. Coronation weekend ideasProposal, to leave Saturday clear, Fun day on Sunday 7th May mimicking the event held in June 2022 – Lions and Rotary to be approached to find out if they would like to run their fun day with Council event, Afternoon Tea Party – with caterers employed to allow the Women’s Institute and Luncheon Club volunteers to enjoy the party on Monday May 8th Purchase Union flags for all Christmas tree brackets Cllr Mary Walker, seconded Cllr Paddy Donnellan, all voted in favour RESOLVED – Clerks and Chairman to action bookings.

0123 – 82.  Youth Group – Taster session all are welcome to visit 11- 1pm on Wednesday 15th February. Lloyds bank account has been changed, now in the Council’s name, thank you to Cllr Foster for a £280 District Cllrs grant towards the equipment to set up the group.

0123 – 83.  Planning applications /decisions S/035/02447/22Proctors Farm – New build / barn conversion. SUPPORTED S/035/02250/22 47 – 49 Silver Street Listed Building Consent - Internal and external alterations and partial demolition of the existing buildings to form 3no. dwellings.  SUPPORTED  S/035/02210/22 Determination of Prior Approval is required for the site and appearance of the 15.0m wooden pole and associated ancillary works. LOCATION: UNIT 1A AND 1B, COLDHAM ROAD SUPPORTED

0123- 84  Interim Internal Report – Council received a good review of the accounting and reporting systems in place including all policies, standing orders, Councillors all have copies and thanked the office staff for their continued diligence.

0123 -85 Clerks report

  1. CCTV bank account has now been changed to the Town Council, for use of the Youth group.
  2. Asset transfers – Council need to arrange to meet with ELDC officers – TBA
  3. Land for Burial ground – Clerk met with owner of potential land offered, maps and details have moved the outline planning application forward, awaiting details from LCC highways and need to take photographs of site, the application is then complete and will be submitted.
  4. Lease documents for hall car park – our solicitor has retired a new Person has been allocated to the outstanding work and will be available from the 1st February.
  5. Custodian Trustees –Clerk will chase Solicitors for a copy of documents.
  6. Parish online – mapping system – this has been accessed on a 30 day trial to sort out scale maps required for the planning application above, it is much more than just maps, Clerk would like to ask Council to take a look and consider purchase of a licence.
  7. Allan Barker field – the grass cutting contractor has requested/ suggested that we have a Nature/ wildlife area at the far end of the field and around the now semi mature trees with cut pathways through them – he is happy to do this on a trial basis and cut down at the end of each growing season or earlier if it fails for any reason; no cost involved Council agreed this is a good idea, first brought to Council by Cllr Olive prior to Lock Down. Cllr Walker asked if it was going to be a safety issue providing hiding places? This will be trialled.
  8. Staff Appraisals – These have been scheduled for mid-February.

No further business to discuss – meeting closed.