28 February 2019

Coningsby Town Council

Meeting 28th February 2019

Public forum – 3 members of public attended, concerns litter over the half term period had increased particularly on the Allan Barker Field and School Lane play park. Resident suggested he would be willing to help with a community litter picking day, Council thanked him, clerk will arrange with E Lindsey for litter pickers.  Letter of thanks to E L and Victoria Atkins MP reference the new litter / dog poo warden employed at East Lindsey.

   Resident asked about the phase 4 of the Kings Manor estates – this has been approved with conditions, tactile crossings on the roadway at end of Hoplands Rd and some 106 monies for health services and education.  Resident is unhappy about the site of the builder’s compound as the footpath has had to be re-routed also dust from road sweeper.

   Gents toilets in car park, soap dispenser has been broken for at least a month this was reported and re reported.  Finally a thank you to the footpath repairers who have beeni n the village over the past few weeks they have done a very good job. Clerk will pass this onto Highways.



116.1      Welcome to all from Chairman


117.2      Apologies and reasons for absence, heard from Cllrs Beamish & Moorhouse also County

Cllr Tom Ashton & District Cllr Stan Avison.  T Councillors absences were approved by vote.


118.3.     No declarations of interest at this point.


119.4      Notes – previous meeting held 24th January previously circulated, Cllr M Mason proposed, seconded Cllr M Walker that these be signed as a true and correct record, resolved by vote signed and dated by Chairman.


120.5      Police report – all councillors have the link to the incidents, this is interesting but council asked when is it updated as the current site is showing December 2018 results.


121.6      District Cllr Martin Foster – packs for elections for District are now available. The car park charges are still being discussed with the leader and portfolio holder for finance.  The Chairman and Clerk have a meeting with the newly appointed Chief Executive Rob Barlow this Friday.  Cllr Walker asked if we knew if the charging point had been used and how much it cost for a full charge, just out of interest.


122.7      Burial Board – meeting held, notes circulated were approved by those who attended; Cllr Donnellan is busy photographing the headstones for a record prior to the start of the contractors this year.  Paint has been purchased to paint over the reserved markers, all memorial masons have received a reminder of the maximum height of memorials allowed in Coningsby cemetery.  Ashes plot has been repaired, Cllr Olive asked for a return visit by contractor, clerk to check and get them back as required.   A letter has been sent to the purchaser of land on Dogdyke Road requesting a meeting to discuss possible purchase of a small parcel for future burial ground.


123.8      Gibbett Nook Junction – Clerk to contact Cllr Richard Davies to try and arrange a visit to discuss and put ideas forward to him. There are concerns over safety.  Andy Ratcliffe needs to be contacted regarding the junction of Silver St & High St where the hatchings were discussed and agreement to change the layout agreed in early 2018, this area has just been repainted as it was prior to discussion. 


124.9      Outside group meetings, no real positive feedback from the meeting held on 27th Feb at the Church regarding the future, a further meeting has been arranged for July following the PCC AGM in April, Rev. Sue Alison announced that she will be taking a 3 month break from duties locally to study.


125.10   Parking on War Memorial Layby – an abandoned vehicle order has been sent to East Lindsey – clerk will chase this to find out what is happening.


126.11   St Michael’s Clock - faculty has at long last been submitted to the diocese for approval in retrospect for the works done in 2017. The painting of the Clock face and works to the hand proposed will have to be put in as a separate faculty as the quotes were from 2015 and had been updated twice whilst waiting for the Church approval. Council continue to wind and maintain the clock in the meantime.


127.12   Speed Guns – all equipment is ready for use and a timetable is being arranged for the 3 areas. Coningsby still need more volunteers, this will be advertised on noticeboards and the Wapentake newsletter.


128.13   Rickard Trophy –nominations required asap.


129.14   Planning – S/035/00073/19 – 15 dwellings to the rear of 47/49 Silver Street , support with comments. S/035/00072/19 – Listed building change of use and alterations to provide 5 dwellings – support with comments.


130.15   Parish Map – Council decided not to have a new map drawn up at this time due to all the land being currently developed.


131.16   Finances – Proposal Cllr D Johnson to pay all accounts as listed for February and note bank balances, seconded Cllr M Walker all in favour resolved

Payments & Receipts Febuary 2019:



Nest pensions Feb - council & staff contr



E- ON - electricity for pavillion









Festive Lights - Christmas lights



Ellgia - Play Park bins



UK Waste solutions - March



John Ward - Grass cutting village areas



Lexus Nexus - Legal Book



Goodwins - Pav, Play park, Office



LALC - Annual Traning fee



LALC - Annual Traning fee additional



CJR Services - Grit Bins & salt spreader



T. Gibbons - Removal of trees & pack lights



J.B. plumbing - additional tileing



ESE Direct - Storage Cabinet Pavillion



K. Roberts  - Cem Paint



Coningsby Community Hall - Feb



Uk Waste  overweight charge



Tony Gibbons - Cemetery ashes plot- gate AB



LIONS Donation - christmas trees



T Bateman - rabbit control cemetery



ICO - Data Protection



Receipt number 31892531 E L




132.17 Clerks report - An official complaint has gone into Lincolnshire CC “fix my street” reports are not being completed works not carried out etc. Letters have been sent out to all Memorial masons who have carried out work in Cemetery reinforcing the rules/heights of the memorials.

Proposal to move into closed Session – agreed; members of the public left the meeting.

Community Hall would like to propose that the Council take on the role of Custodian Trustees to the hall, solicitors have been visited by the hall management committee and a document will be drawn up;  four members of Council unable to vote due to being on hall committee. Proposal to accept the role as Custodian Trustees to Community Hall four remaining cllrs voted in favour of this. resolved

Community Hall Committee – requested that Council pay the costs of paperwork and solicitors costs, Cllrs able to vote resolved to pay 50% of the costs no further costs will be considered.  As Custodian Trustees there are no financial or management responsibilities attached to the position.

Proposal to gift £125 to Coningsby & Tattershall Guides for the coming trip seconded resolved.