June 2019

Coningsby Town Council

June 27th 2019 meeting – 7.30pm Coningsby Community Hall

No public in attendance.

Councillors in attendance – P Donnellan, D Johnson, M Mason, M Wilson, R Sharples, M Walker, T Bannister.

District Councillor Stan Avison

17.1     Welcome for Chairman Councillor Paddy Donnellan

18.2     Apologies and reasons for absence heard by Council from Cllrs Beamish, Foster & Olive also Lincs County Councillor Ashton, Town cllrs reasons accepted RESOLVED by vote.

19.3     No declarations of interest.

20.4     Proposal Cllr Walker the notes previously circulated are true and correct record of meeting held on 21st May 2019, seconded Cllr Mason, all voted in favour RESOLVED

21.5     Co Option of member 2 applications received and validated no candidates in attendance, item deferred to closed session. RESOLVED

22.6     District Councillor Stan Avison commented on the East Lindsey staff have been publically recognised for their assistance and efficiency in dealing with the residents and aftermath of the Wainfleet floods.

23.7     Outside groups meetings – Cllr Donnellan attended the Military Armed Forces Covenant seminar, Council should look at funds from this area for projects for the future.

24.8     Review of Council Policies – all cllrs have copies of these there have been no changes in the past year; Cllr Mason proposed that the Standing Orders, Risk Assessment and Finacial Regulations be adopted as they stand, seconded Cllr R Sharples, all voted in favour. RESOLVED

25.9     Highways – Cllr Richard Davies to be invited to attend a council meeting in near future.  No updates.

26.10   Application – pavement café, Puccinis Italian restaurant – proposal to support Cllr D Johnson, seconded Cllr M Walker all voted in favour RESOLVED. S/035/00886/19 135 High Street extension to rear of property,SUPPORT S/035/01026/19 9 High Street extension to rear of property, SUPPORT S/035/00988/19 internal works to provide lift in listed building to enable quality of life SUPPORT.

27.11   Request for memorial bench – at Dogdyke Rd Cemetery, some reservations were voiced regarding long term maintenance, suggesting a recycled material seat be placed. \proposal to give permission Cllr Mason, seconded Cllr Walker, all voted in favour  – resident to pay for seat and concrete base and fixings –RESOLVED

28.12   Finances - Proposal to pay accounts as listed Cllr Mason, seconded Cllr R Sharples,   all voted in favour. RESOLVED.


Nest pensions June - 



UK Waste solutions -July



UK Waste solutions -Overweight April



BT - Phone and Broadband



Wave - Water for Cemetery



Wave - Water for Pavilion



Salaries June






John Ward - April - Grass cutting village areas



John Ward - May - Grass cutting village areas



Glendale village grass and Cemetery



Ellgia - Play Park bins



Goodwins - Pav, Play park, Office 



Coningsby Community Hall - June



Sutcliffe Play - Play park equipment 



Ativ Pest - AB x2 extra visits



Smith Construction Ltd - AB maintenance 



Tony Gibbons - Footpath maintenance 



K .Roberts- Play Area paint



Coningsby Manufacturing - Cem Gate



Flowers By Maxine




29.13     Stanley Barker Trustees document signing – Cllr Paddy Donnellan having accepted the role as trustee at May meeting signed the deed of trust, this will be signed and held by Chattertons Solicitors who manage the trust. Kevin Moorhouse has to sign to say he is no longer a trustee.

30.14     Silver Street Land – Community Hall , Cllr Foster and Cllr Donnellan have to sign the deed on behalf of the Council , the documents will then be sent off to land registry, Cllr Foster signed previously Cllr Donnellan signed at the meeting. Hodgkinsons solicitors are dealing with this for council.

31.15 Clerks Report – Doctors surgery have not come back regarding the fencing, paint has been ordered for play area fencing – pay back team will be starting immediately following the School summer break with painting, they may do some cleaning down before then but painting won’t start until September.


Councillor Donnellan requested that Council move into closed session, all in favour RESOLVED

  1. Voting for the candidates for co-option, two candidates, one round of votes required Martin Lynch to be co- opted, unsuccessful candidate James Knowles to be notified.
  2. Tenders for tarmac surfacing – updated tenders received, Vere Brothers @ £37,840 proposed, seconded RESOLVED – due to length of time lapsed the quote is increased, Stanley Barker Trustees to be approached for additional funds if possible. Fencing quote £4,000 will possibly need to be picked up by Council.  The fence to the rear of the land belongs to the home owner, Clerk instructed to write and ask him to get a quote for robust fencing and send in to Council for help with payment, the fence will belong to the home owner and not the Council.
  3. Employment/ Pensions – all discussion to be in closed session, clarification on budget setting meeting to be sought from LALC and reported back to Councillors.
  4. Tenders for scaffolding had come in all within a few pounds, proposal Cllr Walker to use SLS  @ £11,458 and accept M Czajkowski quote to paint the clock face @£2,400 , seconded Cllr Mason all in voted in favour RESOLVED

Councillors did ask if the Church had been approached for a contribution to these works. This was thought to be a good point but unlikely to prove fruitful. The question will be asked.

Funding will be sought for all elements of this work Council have £4,500 in reserves for the clock so far.


Reminder - Saturday 20 July for the Cemetery clean up.

Chairman declared the meeting out of closed session.

Meeting Closed.