25 July 2019

Coningsby Town Council

July 25th 2019 meeting – 7.30pm Coningsby Community Hall

No public in attendance.

Councillors in attendance –  M Foster, P Donnellan, D Johnson, M Mason, G Olive, M Wilson, R Sharples, M Walker, S Beamish, T Bannister & M Lynch.

District Councillor Stan Avison

2 members of public


32.1        Welcome from Chairman Councillor Martin Foster


33.2        Apologies and reasons County Councillor Tom Ashton will be here asap


34.3        No declarations of interest.


35.4        All Councillors signed dispensation forms for the coming term of office – 2019 - 2023


36.5        Proposal Cllr Walker the notes previously circulated are true and correct record of meeting held on 27th June 2019, seconded Cllr Mason, all voted in favour resolved


37.6        Outside groups – Chairman thanked those who had helped with the clean-up at the Cemetery Chapel including the clearance to the tip. Cllr Foster as District Cllr will be joining the executive board as officer for Operation Services such as Bin Lorries and collections, public toilets etc.  Cllr Avison informed council that enforcement order to tidy up and clear a property on Park Lane; officers will check in near future to be sure this is carried out to the required standard.


38.7        Highways – Following an invitation to Cllr Richard Davies to attend September meeting Council have received a reply to the effect that his deputy Cllr Clio Perraton Williams will attend and feedback all issues. Proposal Cllr Olive to invite the officer earlier to visit the areas of concern prior to the meeting, seconded Cllr Wilson all voted in favour, a list of areas to be made up and times for the visit Chairman suggested a start of 4.30pm at Gibbet Nook. Clerk to inquire if this is possible.


39.8        Planning - S/035/01165/19 Change of use, conversion of and alterations to part of existing day nursery into headmasters/teachers accommodation. Proposal to object, reasons including non-residential facility, teaching staff not required on site overnight, plans are contentious with toilet block in middle of proposed development. Seconded; all in Favour. Resolved, object.  Request if possible to call the application to committee if this is an option.


40.9        Finances - Proposal to pay accounts as listed Cllr D Johnson, seconded Cllr R Sharples,   all voted in favour. Resolved.

Nest pensions July -  council & staff contr



UK Waste solutions -August



E-On - War memorial



E- On - AB Lights









John Ward - June - Grass cutting village areas



Glendale village grass cutting in village & AB



Glendale Cemetery (all on 1 invoice)



Ellgia - Play Park bins



Goodwins - Pav, Play park, Office



Coningsby Community Hall - July



LALC - Play area training



Inkredible - Computer Ink



S. Kulwicki - Gloves/ AB supplies



K. Roberts - Community payback snacks



T Gibbons various grass cutting



EKM - repairs Allan Barker equipment



Selbys office supplies




41.10     Pavement Parking – report logged with civil enforcement regarding parking on the pavements and grassed areas in and around the village. Council asked if the LCC parking enforcement have a camera van, clerk to inquire and request a visit to Coningsby if they have.


42.11     Football Club annual meeting with Council – date fixed 6th August 6pm Allan Barker meeting room.


43.12     Clerks report – Lots of verbal reports about the footpaths and the laying or not laying of the slurry sealant, LCC call taker said that the job was allocated over a year ago so it sounds as though some areas have deteriorated over time lapse; when asked what was to be done they asked for a list of all areas that have not been done;  I put in a written report and informed them that I would not be doing this but that Council suggested they got back to the contractor about the areas that had been left requiring repairs.   CCTV, clerk concerned about time taken up doing this work, Council assured that they are happy for this to be done during working hours it is a public service, Cameras to be checked on each day of work.

County Councillor Tom Aston reported on the flooding issues that had hit the county including Kirkby on Bain, there are funds available from County Council to help rectify the devastation caused.   Cllr A has got a date from Cllr Davies to visit the parish for a ward walk 12th November Coningsby only.   Chairman Cllr  Martin Foster invited Cllr Ashton to meet with Cllr Perraton Williams when she visits on the 26th September hopefully from 4.30pm onwards.  LCC have reduced the landfill over the past 10years by 92%.   Broad band enhancement schemes are available.  Gritting route maps are being decided, if there are areas Council believe should be included, now is the time to send in the details.  

Clerk requested a conversation or visit with Cllr Ashton; a call was set up for the next day to discuss the visit 26th Sept and other issues.


Chairman thanked all for attending and proposed Council move into closed session to discuss tenders and forthcoming works. All in favour resolved

No further communication on the purchase of land for Burial ground.

St Michaels Clock painting – Chairman to request to speak at PCC meeting to get this moving again, some outside funds have been secured and other bids will be placed. We are now looking at late September for start date.

Community Hall Car Park – Stanley Barker Trust has increased the donation to £30,000 this very generous offer will leave a shortfall to complete the works including fencing Council Proposed that the shortfall of £11,840 is taken from reserves, this will leave council on a tight budget for the rest of the financial year. Vere Brothers quote accepted £37,840 and fencing by Richard Williams £4,000

Fencing to the rear to be paid for by resident with donation from Council, quotes required.

Council moved out of closed session

Meeting closed