January 2022

Coningsby Town Council – January 27th 2022

Meeting held at Coningsby Community Hall

In attendance – Chairman Cllr Paddy Donnellan, Cllrs Chris Waites, Mary Walker, Dick Johnson,  Ruth Sharples,  Marlene Wilson, Amanda Bowen, Tabbi Bannister, Ian Burnley & Glyn Olive

District Councillors Martin Foster, Stan Avison

Lincolnshire County Councillor Tom Ashton

Three members of public. No public forum required.

Clerks Kathy Roberts

01.01     Welcome from Chairman Cllr Paddy Donnellan

01.02     Apologies and reasons for absence No apologies

01.03     No additional declarations of interest at this point.

01.04     To consider the applications for Co-option – three letters received; Chairman requested the item be heard in closed session, this is not best practice however the motion was carried, votes will be taken in closed session.

01.05     Proposal Cllr Marlene Wilson to accept the notes previously circulated to Councillors as a true and correct record of the meeting held on 25th November; seconded Cllr Ruth Sharples; all voted in favour. RESOLVED, minutes signed, and dated by Chairman.

01.06   Proposal Cllr Mary Walker – to accept the notes previously circulated from the January 11th 2022 Budget and precept setting meeting held in Coningsby Community Hall, seconded Cllr Dick Johnson. All voted in favour the precept to be requested for 2022/23 is set at £110,000 an increase of 6.8%

01.07   District Councillor Martin Foster – thanked council for the invite to attend and wished to apologise personally for not attending the last three meetings; green waste collection is to be discussed at ELDC an increase to £50 per collection, if resolved this cost will be frozen for three years. 

            Question regarding the Car parking machines in Coningsby which were adjusted to enable two visits per day 4 hours apart, for School runs is now not available with the new machines. Cllr Foster would make inquiries and get back to the Clerk.

11.06   Hawthorn Hill – speed surveys have still not been carried out due to LCC staff shortages, hedges on both sides have now been cut, letter of thanks needs to be sent to Mervyn Casey for cutting the large hawthorn hedge. Richard Fenwick at Highways is pushing to get a speed limitation put before LCC, he fully agreed that the area needed this and was offering to support Cllr Ashtons request for a 40mph.

11.07   Reactive Speed Indicators – Following discussion Cllr Martin Foster suggested that there are funds still available from DC community funds for a static version possibly on the High Street, Proposal to purchase two additional speed indicators making three in total Cllr Walker, seconded Cllr Olive, all voted in Favour RESOLVED


11.08   Finances - Councillors have had prior sight of payments, Cllr M Walker proposed all be paid as listed here for August and September, seconded Cllr M Wilson, all voted in favour. RESOLVED


Post office

Calender/ diary





Grass cutting





Cemetery Oct




NEST pensions

Two employees enrolled




UK Waste

AB and Cem




Post Office

Office sundries




K. Roberts

Parking tickets - since return to work





ELDC Parking ticket




K. Roberts

Paint for goal mouths MUGA





Attachable sign to equipment





Mole control





Play Area Bins




K. Roberts

Mob ph (24 months)£5.99 month




J. Ward

Grass cutting





Water rates




T. Gibbons

St Michaels, footpath and collect decs.




Fillingham Trees

Christmas trees





Electric credit





All staff





All employees Tax & NI




Clickwaste UK





Poppy Appeal

Lamp post Poppies




Community Hall

Sept - Oct - Nov @ £22.50





Donation to trip




Citizens Advice

Donation to work E L




11.09     Request for funds for – Proposal to donate £100 to Coningsby & Tattershall Scouts Cllr Walker, seconded Cllr Waites all in favour, RESOLVED.                                                      Citizens Advice - £100 – Proposed Cllr Walker, seconded Cllr Marlene Wilson all in favour, RESOLVED. Clerk to arrange the cheques.

11.10     Planning – Kings Manor – sec 73 changes in landscaping and play area positioning – approval granted with conditions.

11.11     Remembrance Day events – all went well thanks to the RAF volunteers once again with the road closures, Sarah Kulwicki having done the training with LCC was able to brief them. Thank you to Cllr Iain Burnley for Stepping in for chairman laying the wreath for the Council.

11.12     Defibrillator – Request to place a unit at the Gibbett Nook Cooperative garage and store, the COOP have been approached for permission and funding – no reply to date. Will be on January agenda.

11.13     Christmas Tree – The tree was successfully installed in the grounds at St Michaels Church, the vicar has suggested that we don’t use the Church and would like the event to be outside, so a table will be set up with the donated mince pies and sweets from the COOP and Morrisons for the lighting ceremony tbc.

11.14     Clerks report –Land for burial ground – closed session agenda item requested for January meeting. Solicitors have been contacted regarding the delay in producing legal documents for the Lease if land for car park to Community Hall and the Custodian Trustee documents, Hodgkinsons Skegness, NB Law Tattershall and Chattertons Horncastle.


Proposal to move into Closed session, Public left the meeting.

Item 1. Assistant Clerk has completed the CILCA qualification 25 July 2021, pay scales discussed, Proposal to pay the new rate plus backpay owed from August 2021. Congratulations to Sarah Kulwicki on this achievement.

Item 2. To discuss the budget for 2022/23 and set a precept. Questions raised regarding proposed increases; replies given; Proposal from Cllr Olive to defer this to allow all absent Councillors to be included in the process; seconded Cllr Donnellan   – Clerks will update the documents and reissue for January 11th meeting to be held in Coningsby Community Hall.


Council moved out of Closed session

Meeting ended.